Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Natural Collection lipsticks

If you have stumbled across my blog then hello :) or if you have been directed here from YouTube, here are some swatches of three Natural Collection lipsticks. 

There are the 'Moisture Shine' lipsticks which have a lot more cover pay off than the sheer lipsticks. They are £1.99 or 3 for £5, all available at Boots. They are well worth the money and save splurging on a £12.50 Mac lipstick. 

They are very smooth and moisturising, not drying at all. 

                                        Packaging- basic white plastic. 

Moisture Shine lipsticks in 'Pink Mallow,' 'Rose Bud,' & 'Rose Petal.'

Above:'Rose Petal'

                         Above:'Rose Bud'

                        Above:'Pink Mallow'

Top to bottom: Pink Mallow, Rose Bud, Rose Petal. 

          Left to right: Rose Petal, Rose Bud, Pink Mallow. 

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