Saturday, 30 April 2011

Leopard Print

MAC Paint Pot- Painterly
Naked Palette- Virgin, Toasted, Dark Horse
Collection 2000 Extreme felt tip liner
Urban Decay 24/7 liner- Zero
MAC Haute & Naughty mascara

Vidal Sassoon heated rollers

Leopard print shirt- Dorothy Perkins

Friday, 29 April 2011

Colour me with Coral

Here is my attempt at an outfit of the day for you. I don't have an empty white wall anywhere in my house but I may create one when I clear my room out so that I have a new space to film and take pictures.

Last week I went to see an old friend who I hadn't seen for a long time and she gave me my belated birthday present which is a coral sleeveless shirt from New Look, I absolutely love it.

I also wore my new sandals that were £2.50 from Primark, I love them, I think I will go back and get them in another colour. 

I also wore this turquoise bracelet which was £1.50 from Primark. Don't mind my blonde hairy arms ha!

Primark Haul

Hope everyone enjoyed the wedding this morning if you watched it! I thought Kate looked so beautiful it was perfect, it was like a fairytale. I'm very jealous hehe ^-^

Sorry to bore you again but I popped into town again the other day, took mom to get some bits and bobs and she bought me a couple of things in Primark to cheer me up so here we go.

Tan, pink & orange faux leather & snakeskin clutch- £6

I love this bag, I suppose it's a love it or hate it bag. I wanted a bright clutch for when I go out as I have used the same black clutch for a couple of years... no lie! I even did my nails to match the bag :)

Hawaiian flip flops with pink flower- £2.50

Shell coloured sandals- £2.50 (Bargain!!!)

So that's it for my Primark haul, I wore the shell coloured sandals today and they are very comfortable. Happy 21st Birthday to my friend Clare also! I bought a couple of things in Boots which I will also be showing you over the next couple of days!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Haul: Primark/Forever 21/H&M

I spent Easter Monday shopping in my home town of Birmingham. I was in a mood where I could tolerate Primark being busy. I also had a look around Forever 21 and found some lovely jewellery. Unfortunately I didn't buy anything from my spring wish list..yet!
As for me, I think the nice weather has gone a long way to improve my mood. I have been catching up with friends, eating easter eggs, watching TOWIE and my favourite people on YouTube. I spend most days lounging around in my pyjamas at the moment.. student life... but I hope to do some outfit of the days very soon!

Anyway, this post is particularly picture heavy!

Sheer natural coloured linen shirt £8- Primark
Tusk necklace £2.80- Forever 21

Leaf necklace £5.85- Forever 21

Black leggings £3- Primark

Yellow floral playsuit £5- Primark

Crotchet style waistcoat £9.99- TK Maxx 

Fabric covered bead necklace £2- Primark

Coral faux leather belt £1- Primark

Mustard button skirt £12- Forever 21 (sorry for creases!)

Cream lace top £12.99- H&M

I think my favourite item is the leaf necklace as I haven't seen anything like it any where else. I am currently debating whether to buy a pair of TOMS or not, what do you think?

Primark have also upped their game on their black leggings. They are now made of a thicker material and aren't sheer like they have been in the past. At £3 they are great quality, I got a couple of pairs. They are very easy to replace as they are so inexpensive.

I am definitely getting a serious itch to get back on to YouTube, I have so many ideas so I'm very excited to return!

Topshop shoe update: I decided to take the shoes back and get a refund, I wasn't happy with them literally falling apart so quickly. Needless to say I didn't get an apology and the sales assistant even went off to 'check' it was ok for me to return them which I found a bit rude as it's my right to a refund if they have fallen apart!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Topshop: Top Flop...

As you may have seen in my previous post from a couple of weeks ago, I bought the Topshop woven flat pumps which I had wanted for ages. However, two days ago when I was driving I noticed the sole of my shoe getting caught on the mat, when I looked down to see what was going on I saw that the sole had come away at the back. I couldn't believe it, especially as this was only the second time I had worn them, it wasn't like I had been climbing Kilimanjaro wearing them either.

So I'm left with a dilemma. Topshop no longer have the pumps on the website and they no longer have them in any of my local stores as they are sold out. Do I take the pumps that I love back and get a refund, or do I keep them, glue them myself and let Topshop get away with it?

Just shows they are selling Primark standard shoes with a bumped up price tag. Saying that, none of my Primark shoes have ever fell apart like these!

What would you do?

Friday, 22 April 2011

Spring Wish List

I'm sitting here watching TOWIE..a bit of 'oh shat app' always cheers me up. I'm sprinkling some spring love onto my blog. I didn't feel comfortable with my old layout and background so I've gone with this fresh new pink one. I had a couple of girlies ask me this week how I make my banners, I use Adobe Photoshop. I'm no design expert, I have very basic skills with design packages that I picked up at uni so that's how I have created all of my banners.  I'm really happy with this one now.

I've been watching YT videos and reading all your blog posts (link me to your blog if you haven't already) and I have compiled a bit of a spring wish list.


I have been lusting over Chanel lately, it's something about the luxury of it that you can't find anywhere else. There's just something about pulling out a Chanel compact and touching up your make-up- needless to say I haven't experienced this yet lol! But I have a Boots voucher worth £30 and I think I have made my decision to put it towards a Chanel compact and one of their new Coco Rouge Shine Lipsticks. I am thinking perhaps a bronzing powder and a nude lipstick.


I have been lusting over two items from MAC. One is a blusher and the other a lipstick. I didn't get anything from the 'Quite Cute' collection, I thought about their 'Playing Koi' lipstick but didn't end up getting it.

Well Dressed Blush- I have sooo many blushes but I've heard lots of good things about this one, particularly from Tanya Burr from pixi2woo. I can't find a picture to show you for this one without stealing it from someones blog which I definitely don't want to do. Anyway, here's the official swatch from the MAC website.

Creme Cup Lipstick- I've always wanted a nude everyday lipstick at MAC but everytime I make it to the store my eyes draw to the bright, bold shiny lipsticks and I buy one of those instead. There's something about the pink tones in Creme Cup which I really like.


Leather Ethnic Toepost Sandles - £19.99

Mock Snakeskin Effect Stachel- £24.99


Shorts- £12.99

There's so many summery white broderie anglaise tops and dresses in H&M at the moment which I really love, wish I had an endless budget to buy them ^-^

So there's a few things from my spring wish list :) I hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend. Mine will be spent celebrating my friend's 21st and getting my head together with some time by myself. 

See you in my next post :) Feel free to leave requests, I'm always looking for inspiration for new posts. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

10 facts about me

I was kindly tagged by Catherine from CatherineLoves in her Kreativ Blogger Award post. 

Here's how it works:

-Link back to the person who awarded you
-Share 10 things about yourself
-Nominate 10 other bloggers and contact them to let them know

I accidently tagged more than 10 people :P, tell me off if I forgot you!

Yu from MakeYuUp
Haidee from Beauty-is-Funny
Karris from Karrisx
Vivianna from Vivianna Does Makeup
Jean from Jean's Thoughts
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Harriet from Hatties Hideaway
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Ten facts about me:

This is me :)

I found this hard because I don't think I'm all that interesting but here we go:

1. I study Journalism at university

2. I have terrible road rage and it has got me into a few dangerous situations...

3. My Mom is my best friend.

4. I had pneumonia when I was young.

5. I hate lending my stuff out, which is kind of hypocritical as I take on average a year to give someone something back that I've borrowed...

6. I worry to the point that it makes me physically ill.

7. I'm an only child (shock horror)

8. I want a big family.

9. I have visited Spain, Greece, Poland, America and Italy. 

10. When I was little my dream was to work in Boots... lol. 

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Brand new ASOS dress for sale

A quick post to let you know my ASOS dress is up on Ebay. I really love this dress but it didn't fit me when it arrived and I missed the return date to send it back so I have put it on Ebay.

It's a size 10, brand new, with tags.

UK bidders only, no returns.

Click here to find it. 

Monday, 11 April 2011

Dean & Brando

I have two old school crushes, one being James Dean and the second being Marlon Brando (before he got fat).

James Dean

Marlon brando

I'm not really into trying to show off with names of plays and strange films that no one's ever heard of just to sound quirky, but I loved Marlon Brando in 'A Streetcar Named Desire.' I have a genuine love for  the play and the film and it all came about in college, I even have it on dvd ... 8-)

So anyway, ages ago I bought a James Dean t-shirt from H&M but I hardly ever wear it because it's not a vest. So I nervously hacked at the sleeves. I really like this top so I didn't want to ruin it.

But here's the end result...

I like it... I think I will wear it more with sleeves like this. 

Hope everyone's having a good day :)

Saturday, 9 April 2011


I have literally just got back from shopping but thought I would post this up and show you my new shoes.

I always seem to find a pair of shoes that I 'love,' but today I had to get both these pairs because I love them equally ^_^

I've wanted a pair of wedges I could wear in the summer for ages, if I'm going for an evening out for a meal or a drink I'm a skinny jeans and heels kind of girl, so I really wanted some wedges to go with skinny jeans.

I have been lusting over the flat Topshop shoes for weeks but they weren't in stock at my local Topshop and the sales assistant said that even she had bought a pair as they were selling quickly, so I bought them when I spotted them today.

Any way, enough rambling... here they are!

Topshop Virginia multi woven peep-toe pumps £26

New Look tan wedges £24.99

I can't find them on the New Look website but there was only a couple of pairs left on the shelf. 

I am going to try and post up some OOTD's when I have found an outfit to go with them!

Friday, 8 April 2011


As I've probably told you all, quite a lot, I finish university officially in June but my work deadline is in a matter of weeks. I've found the past few months really stressful and tough and at this moment in time I just want to finish my work and hand it in. I can't wait for the day that I don't have to worry about my dissertation or project work.

I'm trying my best not to get distracted and procrastinate as I know the quicker it's done the quicker I can stop getting so stressed out!

I can see the light at the end of tunnel so I hope every one going through university/ college/ school at the moment gets the results that they have worked for. In the end it's all worth it!