Friday, 27 May 2011

We like short shorts

1. Vest- Topshop
2. Shorts- F21
3. Belt- eek can't remember..maybe Topshop?
4. Cardigan- H&M

The weather is seriously depressing right now. I had to wear tights today because it was no bare leg weather, plus I'm as pale as a ghost (being sorted tonight) which I can't stand. 

I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean today.. I've wanted to see it since it came out so my friend said she would come with me. Johnny Depp.. yum. Next on the list is definitely The Hangover 2 and The Inbetweeners film. I looove the cinema.

This is the first time I've worn these shorts and they are really comfortable. If you are looking for denim shorts definitely try Forever 21. It's amazing and really cheap.

I'm back on YouTube! So if you haven't seen yet go and watch my videos! 

I've also been making an effort to do more exercise, I feel really unhappy with myself at the moment. I know I'm not 'fat' but I really want to tone up more. I nearly choked when I saw Nicole Scherzinger's video 'Right There' her stomach is amazing, I neeeed her stomach. I'm actually on a mission now lol.

Anyway.. see you in my next post <3 

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Look inspired: Molly- The Saturdays- 'NOTORIOUS' video

From the first time I saw this video I actually fell in love with Mollie's look. She is stunning anyway but the short hair really suits her and I love the 'secretary' look. I feel a bit loser-ish doing one of these celebrity inspired looks but I will take the risk of looking like a complete idiot..

I went overboard on the contouring as Mollie has really defined cheek bones.. or a very good make-up artist..

Products used:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW20
MAC MSF Natural Medium Plus
MUA baby pink blush
Collection 2000 Bronzing powder
H&M Lipgloss
MAC Paint Pot Painterly
Naked Palette- Sin & Half Baked
24/7 Liner Zero
False Eyelashes

*I don't claim to look like her (I wish), it's just a look inspired by her..

Monday, 23 May 2011

Monday Blues

Admittedly, not the best day for a maxi dress but I'm only lazying around the house. The weather is horrible today, though the sun is trying to get out now. I am feeling really weird at the moment. Now that all my work is in I feel really deflated and lost. I don't really know what to do with myself. Before anyone suggests I maybe should get a job, I'm waiting for a while until I start applying, I'm still deciding what I want to do with my summer. I would love to go travelling but I just don't have anyone who is prepared to go with me, let alone enough money to go. 

I am slowly getting used to my life now, I have had 6 weeks to adjust and I feel better now. Obviously I still have days where I feel sorry for myself. You just have to force yourself to get out there and plan things to do to keep you busy. I feel like I'm prepared to meet new people and find what I really want in life. 

Anyway.. so today I wore this black maxi dress from New Look and a tooth necklace from F21. My ring is from Topshop and I have 'woo me' from 17 on my nails. I parted my hair in the middle today and I'm still not sure on it yet...

Hopefully I will be posting a lot this week as I have so much free time. 

Elf Natural Radiance Blushes

I have been meaning to blog about these for a while, Elf Natural Radiance Blushes are by far one of my favourite blushes ever. At £1.50, I find the consistency much softer than the studio line blushes and I love the colour range. I think that the normal line from Elf can often get over looked.

The major downfall on these blushes is the packaging, which is very cheap and very small. I would definitely pay more for these if the packaging was a bit better and there was more of the product.

I have used the shade 'glow' for a while, and I really love it, it's a soft coral with a warm glow. I have recently purchased two more which are in the shades 'Shy' and 'Flushed.'

L TO R: Flushed, Glow, Shy

Flushed is a deep pink/purple colour, very pigmented.

Glow is my favourite so far, it's just the right peach/pink and really does give a glow to the skin.

Shy is a baby pink colour which is very pale. I haven't yet tried it on my skin but it looks lovely.

Top to bottom: Shy, Glow, Flushed

At £1.50 I think you should all try these, it definitely makes me reluctant to part with £17.50 at MAC when I love these ones so much. 

Saturday, 14 May 2011

DIY Greige nails.

I made my own nude grey/brown polish yesterday as I don't already own one. I mixed a basic white polish from Sally Hansen with Barry M's 'mushroom.' I will definitely mix my own colours again as it was really easy and looks very similar to colours I've seen by Essie, O.P.I and Elf.

So far, no chipping what so ever. I really like the colour.

On another note, I am really glad Blogger is back up. I know a lot of us were stressing on Twitter when it went down!

Hope you're all well, see you in my next post <3

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Just me.

Sorry for abandoning ship.. again.. I have finally handed my dissertation in, I feel no less stressed as I have my project deadline next week. After that I'm hoping I will make a video. I have bought so many clothes lately that instead of posting haul pictures I thought I'd show you what I bought bit by bit when I wear them in outfit of the day's.

I've been way more into clothes than makeup lately, so I haven't bought any makeup and spent all my money in H&M, Forever21 and Primark instead. I think I am actually in love with Forever21 now.

Yesterday I got these shoes, I have wanted shoes like these for ages. I'm not sure what you call them? Loafers?... Needless to say my bad luck with shoes was not spared this time either and the tassel on them fell off today. They were the only pair they had so I am going to fix them myself. They were £10 in Primarni.

I'm also into putting my hair in a bun as high as possible, I really, really miss my long hair. When I tie it up it's like no one can tell whether it's long or short. Though I did do a half up/ half down style yesterday which I really liked. I should have taken a picture...

Here's my outfit for today anyway.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Boots Haul

Another Boots haul. After I watched Tanya Burr's video about how to get voluminous hair and seeing other people use them, I really wanted a proper back combing brush. So after I saw that the Denman version was stocked at Boots I went to look for it and came back with a few more things.

This one is called the 'Denman D91 Dressing Out Brush,' I had to go to a couple of Boots stores to find it and it was about £4. It's smaller so it really does backcomb your hair well. I used it Friday night before I went out and it my hair didn't seem to go flat like it usually does by the end of a night out. 

The bristles are quite rough but do the job really well. 

Another rave product I got was the 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive. Barbara from ThePersianBabe on YouTube always talks about this lipstick so I wanted to try it out. It is glossy so there's no need to put lipstick on top. The only downside for me is the smell of these lipsticks. I can't describe it really unless you smelt it for yourself. I love the smell of MAC lipsticks as they have a vanilla taste, but this one has a very wierd sort of plastic/ play dough smell :/ The colour is a really, really subtle nude pink, which would suit any skin type. Not sure if I would re purchase, will have to give it more of a chance first. 

This picture isn't really true to colour at all. It's much more of a pink/nude colour. There's a more accurate picture here.

I also got some new Barry M nail paints. I always seem to go back to Barry M after trying other brands of nail polish. In my opinion they last a lot longer and they have a better colour range. Boots is having a 3 for 2 across all make-up at the moment so I got 3 for just under £6. 

R to L: Dusky Mauve, Mushroom & RedBlack

Dusky Mauve is seriously amazing, I know it's kind of sad to be this impressed by a nail polish but I have never seen anything like this one before. I found a review on it here with a picture of it on the nails. I didn't know, but it's apparently a dupe of Chanel's Paradoxal polish. It is a mauve colour but when it hits the light there a purple sheen running through it. I can't wait to put it on. 

I have owned similar colours to Mushroom but they had gone off so I put them in the bin and bought this one. It seems a bit lighter than other's I've owned from different brands which I wanted. I love this colour, it suits summer and winter and always looks classy. 

I picked this one as my 'free' one, I had most of the other colours that they had left in Boots and this one was something I haven't got. On first glance RedBlack looks very dark, almost black but seems red in other lights. Really interested to see what it will look like!

I'm not sure why I bought this. It was only £1.50. It's for sensitive eyes and it's fragrance free so it's good for sensitive skin. I've never tried an eye cream before but I suppose you're never too young to start preventing the wrinkles! I really like it so far, it feels weird after putting it on, sort of a tightening feeling round your eyes but only very slightly. 

And that's about it, I really need to stop shopping but I don't think that's ever going to happen.

An English Day Out

I'm really getting into photography at the moment. I only have a small digital camera but I'm thinking about buying a proper camera soon and taking up a photography evening class or something. I took some photos while out today, it's a place called Middleton Hall near Birmingham, it is of Tudor origin. The website says it was "visited by many figures from history. Included among these is Queen Elizabeth I, who certainly spent two nights under its roof after the festivities at Kenilworth in 1575."

If there's anything I'm a geek over, it's history. 

All these pictures were taken by myself, if you want to use the pictures please credit my name next to them. - Jessica Dutton