Monday, 23 May 2011

Elf Natural Radiance Blushes

I have been meaning to blog about these for a while, Elf Natural Radiance Blushes are by far one of my favourite blushes ever. At £1.50, I find the consistency much softer than the studio line blushes and I love the colour range. I think that the normal line from Elf can often get over looked.

The major downfall on these blushes is the packaging, which is very cheap and very small. I would definitely pay more for these if the packaging was a bit better and there was more of the product.

I have used the shade 'glow' for a while, and I really love it, it's a soft coral with a warm glow. I have recently purchased two more which are in the shades 'Shy' and 'Flushed.'

L TO R: Flushed, Glow, Shy

Flushed is a deep pink/purple colour, very pigmented.

Glow is my favourite so far, it's just the right peach/pink and really does give a glow to the skin.

Shy is a baby pink colour which is very pale. I haven't yet tried it on my skin but it looks lovely.

Top to bottom: Shy, Glow, Flushed

At £1.50 I think you should all try these, it definitely makes me reluctant to part with £17.50 at MAC when I love these ones so much. 


  1. The colours look lovely, I might get some! I guess for £1.50 it's just good to get a few of them incase you want a change! Thanks for blogging about them! :-) x

  2. I have these, and i love the colour and the quality, i just don't like the packaging, i can never get mine open :( xx

  3. Glow looks really up my alley x

  4. love the colors definitely want to try those!