Thursday, 12 May 2011

Just me.

Sorry for abandoning ship.. again.. I have finally handed my dissertation in, I feel no less stressed as I have my project deadline next week. After that I'm hoping I will make a video. I have bought so many clothes lately that instead of posting haul pictures I thought I'd show you what I bought bit by bit when I wear them in outfit of the day's.

I've been way more into clothes than makeup lately, so I haven't bought any makeup and spent all my money in H&M, Forever21 and Primark instead. I think I am actually in love with Forever21 now.

Yesterday I got these shoes, I have wanted shoes like these for ages. I'm not sure what you call them? Loafers?... Needless to say my bad luck with shoes was not spared this time either and the tassel on them fell off today. They were the only pair they had so I am going to fix them myself. They were £10 in Primarni.

I'm also into putting my hair in a bun as high as possible, I really, really miss my long hair. When I tie it up it's like no one can tell whether it's long or short. Though I did do a half up/ half down style yesterday which I really liked. I should have taken a picture...

Here's my outfit for today anyway.


  1. I'm a newby to your blog, and seeing that first picture of you and your bun, you couldnt tell that you don't have long hair - err if that makes sense?

    Love your blog btw


  2. You look gorgeous Jess! I'm loving your hair and the shoes are actually so stunning. xx

  3. Aw thank you Grace that's very lovely of you! xxx

  4. That's a beautiful outfit of the day! :)