Friday, 27 May 2011

We like short shorts

1. Vest- Topshop
2. Shorts- F21
3. Belt- eek can't remember..maybe Topshop?
4. Cardigan- H&M

The weather is seriously depressing right now. I had to wear tights today because it was no bare leg weather, plus I'm as pale as a ghost (being sorted tonight) which I can't stand. 

I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean today.. I've wanted to see it since it came out so my friend said she would come with me. Johnny Depp.. yum. Next on the list is definitely The Hangover 2 and The Inbetweeners film. I looove the cinema.

This is the first time I've worn these shorts and they are really comfortable. If you are looking for denim shorts definitely try Forever 21. It's amazing and really cheap.

I'm back on YouTube! So if you haven't seen yet go and watch my videos! 

I've also been making an effort to do more exercise, I feel really unhappy with myself at the moment. I know I'm not 'fat' but I really want to tone up more. I nearly choked when I saw Nicole Scherzinger's video 'Right There' her stomach is amazing, I neeeed her stomach. I'm actually on a mission now lol.

Anyway.. see you in my next post <3 


  1. love those shorts! I thought about doing a clothes blogpost but I don't think I'm brave enough just yet! :-) x

  2. oh i love to wear shorts!!!


    are those the shorts? been trying to find them but they don't look the same? love the outfit :) x

  4. @k8te do it!!!
    @fernie and me!
    @Ultimate Beauty- yes! those are the ones :)