Saturday, 13 October 2012

My thoughts: Rimmel Mascaras

I am very picky when it comes to mascaras. I like a brush that will catch each lash and not so big that it will transfer on to your eye lids whilst you are trying to apply it. I don't usually buy in to gimmicky style mascaras and don't need anything fancy to make me buy it. Favourites in the past have included Max Factor's False Lash Effect, Blink & Go's Long Lasting Black Mascara, Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara and Clinique High Impact Mascara
If you would be interested in a post on my favourite mascaras then let me know! :)

So, today I thought I would let you in on my experience with two of Rimmel's mascaras. First up is the Scandal Eyes Show Off mascara, which unfortunately really wasn't for me. 

The brush
I think the main problem here is the brush, which is far too big. There is just something I don't like about the bristles, I think they are too spaced apart which meant for me it just didn't feel right when I was applying it. They felt harsh and far too big to be coating my eye lashes properly. As the brush was so big it seemed to coat them all at once and smudge on to my eyelid at the same time. This brush also has a star shaped ending for the purpose of coating lashes individually. I felt that, again, this gave off too much product on my lashes and made them smudge prone, wet and clumped together. I have a feeling the end of the brush was an attempt of a Givenchy Phenonmen'Eyes mascara style, which I don't think was pulled off by Rimmel very well. 

The product
I don't know whether this was entirely down to the brush, but the actual product was very wet and took a long time to dry. I much prefer my mascaras to be a bit dryer as I think it gives off the best effect on the lashes. I paid £4.99 for this mascara when it was on offer, which is a very affordable price for a mascara, but I would rather pay a bit extra for one that was better. 

Overall 4/10
Ok, so I may be being very critical, but I really did not like this mascara from the moment I used it, and has been sitting in my draw ever since. It's a shame I didn't feel it was a great product, as the next one I have to talk about is the polar opposite in my books.

Next up is the Lash Accelerator mascara, which is way up there on my favourites list. 

The brush
For me the brush is just the right size, it's quite thin and small, which means it gets at each individual lash making them fuller and longer. The brush is also great for bottom lashes, the over all effect is great.   The product does claim to make your lashes 'grow' which I don't really buy into, but I think the way the brush is shaped does make the product apply brilliantly, which I can totally see why it would make you think that your lashes had grown!

The product
I have no complaints about the mascara solution itself. I bought this product while it was on offer at Boots as I had tried it before when it was first released, and loved it as much then. I think usually this mascara costs around £8, which I don't mind paying as I know it's a good product. 

Overall 9/10
Overall the Lash Accelerator mascara is a brilliant product and would highly recommend it!

Have you tried either of these products? What did you think of them?

Monday, 1 October 2012

H&M Nail Polish: Deep Deep Water

At first glance this colour looks amazing, and the name 'Deep Deep Water' fits it perfectly, so I am sad to say what a disappointment it was. 

I first applied it on top of a base coat, I applied two coats of this and loved the colour. And yet not even 2 hours later and not much done other than apply my make-up, the polish had chipped off on 3 of my nails. Not even just small chips, nearly all the paint off these three nails had come off. 

So the next day, I tried again and applied a top coat, and glitter coat to hold it on, and yet it still chipped just as bad. When I took it off with my regular nail polish remover, it left my nails stained blue and they are still stained up until now. Really disappointed and very much regret buying this product.

So there's not much else to discuss, a lovely looking colour but can not with stand much before chipping and staining the nails, even with a base coat. 

I am really disappointed, although it was only £1.99, I did expect better and really doubt i would purchase H&M nail polish again, which is a shame.

Instagram picture of my finished nails.