Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Bag Love

Just posting about my new bag. It deserves this lengthy statement because I love it. Even though my holiday seems sooo far away I have a little collection building up of holiday things. I saw this bag in Primark for £7 and I fell in love with it straight away. It's bright and summery and reminds me of being on holiday straight away. I think people will either like it or hate it, as it is made of erm straw?

The lining inside it is lovely, completely floral to match the bow on the outside. The handle is brown faux leather, quite long and has a chain running through half of it. It's definitely not something you could put much in as it would probably break so just your phone purse and keys is probably the most you could put in. It also comes in blue and a natural colour.

No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser and Eye Make-up Remover

Those little £5 No7 vouchers that you get every so often at Boots can either be annoying or fabulous, depending on whether you like No7 products. For me, I have had a bad experience with both their primer and tinted moisturiser so when I had two vouchers lying about I decided to get some items from their skin care range. I had a box of mini skin care products from No7 last Christmas and I really, really liked them.

No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser & Cleanse and Care Eye Make-up Remover

First of all, I have really wanted to try a hot cloth cleanser for a while, this one was around £9 so I got it for around £4 with my voucher, you get a whopping 200ml which is massive. I think the Liz Earle version only has around 100ml to a bottle and is about £11, so the No7 version provides you with a lot more value for your money. You get a muslin cloth with it too. I really love this cleanser, takes all your make up off before bed and most of your eye make-up off. I have currently fell out with my Loreal cleanser with the scrublet- the formula is very soapy and I prefer my cleansers to be creamy or milky like this No7 one. The Loreal one also got in my eye and it was worse than any shampoo-in-the-eye incident I've ever had, so I am happier with this No7 one.

Ginormous bottle!

Next I got the Cleanse and Care Eye Makeup Remover, I have a mini bottle of this with not much left, so I will use the mini bottle for when I go on holiday. This remover gets every scrap of eye makeup off- even waterproof mascara and I really really like it, it's gentle and doesn't sting around the eye. I have quite sensitive eyes so this remover works really well for me. It also has a pump action so that you don't over pour or spill it- something I always do with my nail polish remover! It was around £7 so I got it for around £2 with my voucher.

Mommy and baby bottles

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sleek- 'avoir la peche' collection

I was wandering round Superdrug today and found that Sleek had a new collection called 'avoir la peche', I'm not usually a fan of Sleek's collections but I thought this one was right up my street, and fitted right into my 'costa chic' peachy mood.

I got the new palette which is in Paragua 602 which is filled with light pinks, nudes and peach colours and the blush in 'Life's a peach.'

I really like the packaging on this collection, peach flowers. 

I think the first few softer colours are my favourites. 

Swatches of the colours. Love the two shimmery ones.

Life's a peach blush.

I really like this collection, they also had a lip polish which was the same sort of peach colour. 

M.A.C Goodies

Ok, ok, I hold my hands up to being a complete liar! I know I said I wouldn't buy anything from M.A.C for a while but I think we all know how it is ladies, you feel a bit down in the dumps and you automatically think "I'm going to go shopping, spend loads of money and I'm going to feel great" and you get home feeling just as miserable as before you went and your purse is feeling a lot lighter.

I went into town today to get a dress for a friend's birthday and took a de-tour to M.A.C, after the lady told me three times that I can put eyeshadows in a palette, which I kind of already know... I chose 'Shroom' eyeshadow. I chose this one because apparently it's a dupe for 'Virgin' in the Naked Palette and my 'Virgin' has run out and I don't want to re buy the palette for one eyeshadow *hint to Urban Decay, just sell Virgin individually.*

I'm not sure about it- mainly because I bought the new Sleek palette today and it has a really similar shade so I'm not sure whether or not I should take it back, what does everyone think of this eyeshadow?

Next I wanted a nude lipstick, again.. me being a hypocrite since last post. But when I got there I just wasn't interested in the nudes and my eyes just drew towards 'Costa Chic' and I love it, so I got that one instead. Its a bold fluroescent peach and looks great with a tan and would look even more amazing in the summer.

This photo makes it look red but it really is more of a peach colour, maybe Google it instead as my pictures aren't show up true to it's real colour.

The swatch on the left had side is Cost Chic, this swatch is pretty true to what it look's like. 

I rushed putting it on so sorry it's not in the lines hehe. 

So there we go, I think I have an addiction to bright lipsticks now and particularly bright peach!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tuesday: Beauty buys

I can't even help myself, every time I go near a shop theres something inside me that says "buy something Jess, you have to." So when I went into uni today, on the way back, I couldn't stop myself going into Bodycare- which is a discount drug store.

It started with me looking for Oilatum in Boots for my elbows and ankles- but they didn't have any so I went into Bodycare and picked up some E45 instead.

Then I picked up the Loreal foaming creamwash (the one with the scrublet) as it was only £2.49, I can't count how many times I have picked this up in shops then changed my mind and put it back, but I decided to just get it today. The nice lady at the counter told me how much she loves this *hi Bodycare lady* and she said she has really sensitive skin but she is fine to use this.

Then I topped myself up with a new bottle of St Moriz, though this time I noticed they had a new version out in 'dark' so I went for that one because the regular one is literally lasting about a day on me at the moment and then I'm back to pale again. Although my Dad always says "You look better without it," I always feel so much better with a tan.

Lastly I got some cotton pads, but these ones are bigger which I fugured would be better for taking make up off.

I will keep you updated on the Loreal  foaming cream wash if you like, let you know what I think.

Oh and not forgetting...Happy Pancake Day! woohoo, I love pancakes so I'm looking forward to tonight I might post some pics lol!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Girl About Town

Eeeeeek I'm so excited about this lipstick. I'm one of those people who researches a M.A.C product to death before I buy it. I've heard about this lipstick and always quite wanted it, but after seeing swatches and it on the lips I really really wanted it.

It's quite widely known that Cheryl Cole likes this lipstick, but after I heard Jessie J on Radio One on Friday, she said one of her favourite lipsticks was M.A.C's Girl About Town, so I knew people would be rushing out to get it.

This is my second M.A.C lipstick, since they put the price up to £13.50 it's not something I just buy for the sake of it. I read loads and looked at loads of swatches before I decided. I already have 'Snob' and I don't really like it. It's a 'Satin' so it's quite dry and I have dry lips anyway so it's not such a good combo.

However, I am in love with 'Girl About Town,' it's an 'Amplified lipstick', so it's much more creamy and glossy, this time I put lip balm underneath and it works so well.

The first M.A.C store I went to they said they were all sold out of it so I was quite disappointed as I'd built myself up that I was definitely going to buy it. Then I went to Selfridges and when I asked for it I was so excited when she got it out the drawer 8-)

The stand was really busy, as usual, and there was a snotty woman 'back to mac' ing all her stuff and demanding things they didn't have and generally being a snob.

But yeah, here's some pictures, I took most on my macbook as they were the most true to colour.

I definitely think, if you're brave enough, a bold colour M.A.C lipstick is much more worth the money, as you're less likely to find drug store dupes of the bold colours. Although the M.A.C nude lipsticks are really lovely you can find dupes such as Rimmel which are great for nude lipsticks. I already have my eyes on 'Impassioned' by M.A.C but won't be buying any new M.A.C products just yet!

Nail foils: Polka dot nails

Hi everyone! I noticed I have a few more people following so thank you so much ^-^

I bought some nail foils by Pretty Woman a couple of days ago, they were £2 in the sale in boots. I've noticed nail foils around in quite a few shops but I've never actually tried them. You peel them off and apply them like a sticker, and cut to size. I've got to say, they look pretty in the picture- but I really disliked them on. They felt just like.. well.. stickers, they felt weird and they were difficult to apply and creased with air bubbles. They were difficult to cut to size, and even when on, I could feel them peeling at the edges and they just felt a bit messy. I peeled them off pretty much straight after. I don't think I'll be investing in nail foils again. I'm glad I only paid £2 though and not any more, otherwise it really would have been a big waste!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wash time Wednesday

What better way to de-stress than to do washing... of my brushes of course. I find washing my brushes quite therapeutic, this looks promising for when I'm a house wife, if cleaning is this therapeutic...lol.

I offered to wash my Mom's as I was doing a 'big wash' so she handed them over, she has five brushes in her collection and I have about thirty which seems ridiculous but I actually use (most) of them.

 I'm thinking of doing a brush collection video on YT soon, as some brands I like better than others.

I don't have any high end make up brushes at all so they are all 'high street' names. I can never bring myself to part with £30 on a make up brush.

I used a shampoo that we don't really use to wash them, I put a blob in my hand and swirl them around, then rinse them under the tap until no more product is left in them. My brushes usually get washed every 2-3 weeks and sooner with my foundation brushes as they get clogged quickly, which I know isn't regular enough so I think I will do this washing session every Wednesday.

As a heads up, I really like the ELF powder brush, which is so good for foundation it really has lived up to it's expectations so far. I also love the stipple brush, which I have been using with the ELF HD powder, I love it and will review on YT probably at the weekend or whenever I get time in between uni work.