Sunday, 6 March 2011

Girl About Town

Eeeeeek I'm so excited about this lipstick. I'm one of those people who researches a M.A.C product to death before I buy it. I've heard about this lipstick and always quite wanted it, but after seeing swatches and it on the lips I really really wanted it.

It's quite widely known that Cheryl Cole likes this lipstick, but after I heard Jessie J on Radio One on Friday, she said one of her favourite lipsticks was M.A.C's Girl About Town, so I knew people would be rushing out to get it.

This is my second M.A.C lipstick, since they put the price up to £13.50 it's not something I just buy for the sake of it. I read loads and looked at loads of swatches before I decided. I already have 'Snob' and I don't really like it. It's a 'Satin' so it's quite dry and I have dry lips anyway so it's not such a good combo.

However, I am in love with 'Girl About Town,' it's an 'Amplified lipstick', so it's much more creamy and glossy, this time I put lip balm underneath and it works so well.

The first M.A.C store I went to they said they were all sold out of it so I was quite disappointed as I'd built myself up that I was definitely going to buy it. Then I went to Selfridges and when I asked for it I was so excited when she got it out the drawer 8-)

The stand was really busy, as usual, and there was a snotty woman 'back to mac' ing all her stuff and demanding things they didn't have and generally being a snob.

But yeah, here's some pictures, I took most on my macbook as they were the most true to colour.

I definitely think, if you're brave enough, a bold colour M.A.C lipstick is much more worth the money, as you're less likely to find drug store dupes of the bold colours. Although the M.A.C nude lipsticks are really lovely you can find dupes such as Rimmel which are great for nude lipsticks. I already have my eyes on 'Impassioned' by M.A.C but won't be buying any new M.A.C products just yet!


  1. This has been on my list for the past couple of weeks, I tried it on in store and fell in love! :) It looks gorgeous on youuuu! Didn't know Cheryl Cole and Jessie J liked it too :)

  2. @MakeYuUp really you have to get it! I love it! xxx

  3. soooo pretty! i love that colour on you!! xxx

  4. ahhh this is one of my favourite MAC lippies!
    Adds a bit of va va vooom.

  5. @MoreeMilk thanks hun!! xxx
    @Harrriiiet thank you, that's such a good way to describe it! It does make you feel like that lol! xxx

  6. Looks great on you :)
    I want this one and Impassioned too :) x

  7. Absolutly loving this colour! Wish I had a Mac shop near where i live.

    Also adore your cardigan too :)


  8. Awesome! You've really inspired me to want to be brave and try a color like this. I am usually such a fan of nudes, I really would love to step away from that though.