Sunday, 6 March 2011

Nail foils: Polka dot nails

Hi everyone! I noticed I have a few more people following so thank you so much ^-^

I bought some nail foils by Pretty Woman a couple of days ago, they were £2 in the sale in boots. I've noticed nail foils around in quite a few shops but I've never actually tried them. You peel them off and apply them like a sticker, and cut to size. I've got to say, they look pretty in the picture- but I really disliked them on. They felt just like.. well.. stickers, they felt weird and they were difficult to apply and creased with air bubbles. They were difficult to cut to size, and even when on, I could feel them peeling at the edges and they just felt a bit messy. I peeled them off pretty much straight after. I don't think I'll be investing in nail foils again. I'm glad I only paid £2 though and not any more, otherwise it really would have been a big waste!


  1. they look really neat! shame about them not being so good in real life :/ xxx

  2. I always feel the same about nail foils / wraps. If I use them now I tend to wear them on just my ring fingers and paint the other 8 nails a plain colour as I can't stand the feel of them on all my nails! xx

  3. i love your blog :) mine is sort of similar & i'd love you to check it out! xx

  4. They look pretty but i know what you mean.
    I bought some of the nailrocks wraps from ASOS the ones that you heat up and paid about a fiver for them, they didnt stick at all - rubbish! XX

  5. @Chloe- I know it was a disappointment!
    @Gaby- Thank you!
    @Zoe- that's a really good idea actually, better than having stickers on every nail!
    @Kia- thank you going to check it out now!
    @Lauren- Really, I wouldn't buy them again!