Monday, 28 February 2011

Bun time Saturday

The other night I went for a meal out with my hair tied up. I quite liked it so took a photo. I backcombed all of my hair then put it up with just my hands, not using a brush, then just put it in a bobble on my head. As I've got short hair now it just sort of forms into a bun by itself. I wore some gold dangly earrings and a smokey eye and an off the shoulder white t shirt which I love.

I'm really really missing my long hair lately, I've been looking at hair extensions online which I always said I'd never buy. I think I need to experiment with more hair styles for short hair as I always get moody and shove it up. If I find any I like I will post some pics up :)

Which colour Monday- Barry M nail paints

I was looking through my nail varnish draw deciding which one to use and I came to the conclusion that Barry M nail paints seem to last that extra bit longer compared to other brands of nail varnish.

Admittedly, you can see that the light purple one is looking a bit on the crusty side, but I get easily attached to the Barry M ones.

These are all the Barry M nail paints that I own, I do have their crackle effect one but I really hate it, I think it makes my nails look a bit of a mess. Mainly because I'm rubbish at doing my nails, I used to be so good at it and did my own white tips every week, but now somehow I've lost the talent and they always look a mess, I get so frustrated!

I really want their ice cream colour ones, but for today, I'm going to go with the dark blue one.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Toad in the hole

Seen as I have completed my dissertation aim for today (no not completed my whole dissertation. I wish!) and I'm waiting for my YT video to upload I shall post some things about nature... lol...

I can't wait for the warmer weather to come when these little guys come out and sun bathe again. I found this pictures from last summer... can you spot all four of them?

Sadly we lost a couple when the pond froze over but we usually have lots by the summer. 

No frog hater comments please ^-^

Elf Haul

I am an Elf virgin, I have never tried any of their stuff before, I always put things in my basket online and then talk myself out of it and tell myself I can't afford it. After having a couple of bits sent from Elf's PR agency last week for me to have a try of, I was so impressed that I made an order online straight away as they were offering 20% off. My order came to about £14 which is great value for the things I got, I also ordered the studio powder brush which I have been lusting after since it came out, I'm really happy now I have it.

Here are my goodies!

Studio powder brush
Studio stipple brush
Eyeshadow brush x2 (me & mom)
Eye blending brush
Studio HD powder
Natural radiance blush in glow
Studio blush in merry berry
Studio warm bronzer
Eye primer x2 (me and mom)

I love all of it! I especially love my powder brush and both the blushes, oh and all of it! The eye primer is so close to Urban Decay's which is great because it's only £1.50!
 If you want to see me go through everything, check out my video on YT. (not up yet)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

H&M turquoise jewellery & OOTD

I was really excited when I saw that Barbara from thepersianbabe on YT had a lovely ring from H&M that also came in turquoise, so after my nightmare job interview yesterday I popped in to H&M to cheer myself up :)

I found the ring, it also comes in peach, brown or a pearl coloured stone and it was only £3.99.

I also found a pack of four sets of earrings with some turquoise ones in and they were only £1.99 and they were just what I was looking for.

I wasn't sure about the suede bows at first glance, but I do really like them now. 

On to my outfit of the day, sorry the photo is a little naff and blurry, I did it while rushing out the door...

Black boob tube- H&M
Brown vest top- Topshop
Jeans- H&M
Cardigan- Topshop
Turquoise necklace- Miss Selfridge
Shoes- Topshop
Bag- Urban Outfitters
Ring- H&M (above)

Beautyuk- Smokey Lilac nail polish

Quick post- just showing you one of my prizes from the competition, it's the 'smokey lilac' polish from beautyuk, it's a lovely grey/lilac colour and goes on really nice actually.

I have been keeping my nails short as I got really frustrated growing them if one snapped off so decided to just keep them all at the same length!

Anyway, must go as I need to get back to my uni work :( I wish I could blog and video for YouTube as a full time job!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Benefit job audition experience

I thought I would write a quick post on my experience of a Benefit cosmetics job audition.

First of all because when I found out I was going for an audition, the first thing I did was Google it. There was hardly anything on a benefit job audition, only a couple of forums, which all said the same thing- be pushy and keep traffic stopping people. 

Once you have had a telephone interview where you are asked simple things like why do you want to work for Benefit, you get booked in for an audition at your nearest store.                                                

When I arrived at the audition the manager had the days mixed up and didn't show up- something I had read that other girls had experienced online. So we got a half heated apology and told to come back the following week. 

Once you have arrived at your audition (if it happens) and you are settled, you get shown how to traffic stop. You then role play traffic stopping with the other girls that are auditioning. 

The lines are:

"Hi, have you heard of Benefit"

"Come with me I've got some great products to show you"

"It will only take a minute, come with me"

If your more confident, they are rather fond of calling the customer "honey...."

Once you've covered that they take you through four of their popular products, demonstrate how to use them, learn all the information, memorise the cheesy one liners and then you practise on another girl. 

After that you go out asking customers to come over to the counter. 

It difficult, remembering all the lines, remember what order the products go in, and it's scary blabbering on to the customer when you're not entirely sure that you're saying the right thing. 

Once you have done one half of the face, you go onto the next half and ask them what they are up to today, where they go out at the weekend, typically cliche questions. 

That's the basics, what they don't tell you is that no matter how good you are at make-up, if you're not good at pestering people and making yourself look like a nag- then you won't get the job. 

I got two girls over to the desk in an hour- the same as everyone else- but if you're not asking every single person that walks past, old, young, who ever, then you aren't going to be successful.  

Needless to say I didn't get the job because I wasn't pushy enough, for a full explanation of what goes on at a Benefit audition, have a quick watch of my video below.

 Photograph- Eric Powell-

Sunday, 20 February 2011

2true Colour Drench lip glosses

I don't think I've ever mentioned this brand before, it's one of those stands that is always attracting attention in Superdrug for their very affordable prices.

2true sell all their items at 3 for £5 or £1.95 each... amazing!

I've always lusted after their lip and cheek tints which are very similar to Benefit's 'Benetint.'

Their products are currently being sold in Holland, Belgium and the UK. They have a whole selection of eye, face, lip, bronzing and nail products.

So anyhoo I was very excited to try their Colour Drench lip glosses, and opening the package was very exciting, especially when 8 of them fell out. There are a great range of colours from nudes to bright pinks to deep reds, so there's something for everyone.

According to 2true, these lip glosses were developed benchmarking M.A.C. lip glosses. I don't own any so I can't name any dupes but maybe if you see any that look like a dupe you could leave me a comment below?

I don't own too many lip glosses, but having the chance to try from such a wide selection means that I can see what colours suit me at home. At 3 for £5, you can afford to try them all.

All the shades come in numbers which are on the top of the lip, I have shades 2-6.

From left to right- shades 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. 

I think shade 9 is amazing to put over the top of a red lipstick and I love shade 7, it's a really strong coral. 

I can't pinpoint the smell of them, but it's a very pleasant vanilla type smell. 

My favourite ones are these four below. 

Left to right: shades-7, 2, 4, 8.

Shade 2 is a real barbie pink and shade 8 is great dark nude. 

So voila, watch out for a video about these lip glosses on my YouTube channel. 

Friday, 18 February 2011

Brown eyes with beautyuk

I know I did a post with brown eyes the other day, but I was playing around with my prizes from beautyuk and recreated the look. Considering the Naked palette is around £30 and this palette costs £3.99 it's pretty good!!! The eyeshadows are lovely, extremely pigmented, soft and creamy, and they come in lots of different colours.

Here's the finished result...

Watch my tutorial on this look here:

World biggest strawberry- maybe?

I have to post this up, my Dad bought some strawberries today, and one was the size of an apple! (nearly...)

Look's smaller in my Dad's hand lol!

Old Orleans -gossip & waffles

Last night I went to a restaurant called Old Orleans with a couple of close friends, it does grilled chicken, steaks, spicy fajita kinds of dishes. We had a good gossip and laugh, thought I would put my photo's up. We all had chocolate waffles after, we couldn't resist the temptation!


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Brown smokey eye

Went for brown smokey eyes today. Put M.A.C. paint pot in painterly on first then used my UD Naked palette. It's the best eyeshadow palette I've ever owned, there's no need for any other eyeshadows really if you have that. 

Yes my eyebrows need plucking, one of the perils of being blonde, you can't see the eyebrow hairs until you take a very close up picture with the flash on!

This picture was taken about 3 hours after applying, I find the UD eyeshadows have really good staying power if you have a primer underneath. 

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunday skulls.

Top: Topshop
Shorts: ASOS
Belt: Primark
Scarf: Can't remember :/
Tights: Primark

I went to Stratford-Upon-Avon today...birthplace of Shakespeare and all that.

I get really travel sick so even though I got home hours ago I still feel sick. bler.

I also saw 'Dick' (Lol) from 'Dick and Dom in da bungalow.' Any one remember that show? He was in Marks and Spencer's, he kept looking round to make sure people were looking at him.

Star-studded Stratford-Upon-Avon eh?

Saturday, 12 February 2011

beautyuk PRIZES!

I was very excited when a huge box arrived for me this morning, I let my Dad open it because he was getting a tad excited too, I don't think he cared that what was inside the box would have no interest to him what so ever, he just wanted to open the big box!

Inside were my prizes from beautyuk and also a big beautyuk bag to put them all in.

This post is quite picture heavy as I think the pictures say it all. I was very pleased because I got everything I would have picked myself, there was absolutely nothing that wasn't to my taste so thank you beautyuk!

They have these competitions every week on Twitter so you all should definitely enter, as you have just as good a chance as I did.

So here's what I got...

Looks like a real eyeshadow palette!

Blushes and bronzers

 Everything :)

 Lip lusts

 Nail polishes x5

 Gold glitter liner, eye pencil and mascara

 Eyeshadow palettes

Excuse my no make-up! 

I also got 3 metallic sparks eye pencils in the shades I was after so that was great, I forgot to take an individual photograph of those. 

Watch out for a full review on my YouTube channel with close ups and swatches, I found the macro button on my camera this morning (after having it for a year... no stars for my technology skills) so I am going to be uploading full 1080p HD videos with lots of close ups!

If you would like to see a review on any specific item or want shade names for any products, leave a comment bellow. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be alerted when I upload a video, and follow my blog, I follow back I promise :P

Friday, 11 February 2011

Lush Valentine's Day Treats

I have a whole basket of Lush products under my bed that I don't use, but seeing as it's Valentine's weekend, I thought I would treat myself to a couple of Lush Valentine's products.

I bought the 'Frog Prince' and the 'Ex-Factor' because they were cute and my favourite!

This is the official picture from the Lush website, the body of the frog is a ballistic and his lips are a bath melt. There is also a paper surprise inside in the form of a prince! You are meant to give your frog a kiss before you put him in the bath! He also turns your bath water green. 

This is also the official picture of the 'Ex Factor' from the Lush website. (Too dark now to take my own pictures) He smells of vanilla, when you throw him in the bath your troubles are meant to fizz away!

I also got this face mask free at the till, it smells of chocolate, it's called 'Cupcake' which is for oily skin, I'll let you know how it goes. 

In the mean time, have a little look at my Lush haul and collection video on YouTube! If you are a YouTube user don't forget to subscribe to me.

Oh and also, welcome to my new followers on here, I have tried to follow you all back but if I haven't leave a comment and I will!