Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wash time Wednesday

What better way to de-stress than to do washing... of my brushes of course. I find washing my brushes quite therapeutic, this looks promising for when I'm a house wife, if cleaning is this

I offered to wash my Mom's as I was doing a 'big wash' so she handed them over, she has five brushes in her collection and I have about thirty which seems ridiculous but I actually use (most) of them.

 I'm thinking of doing a brush collection video on YT soon, as some brands I like better than others.

I don't have any high end make up brushes at all so they are all 'high street' names. I can never bring myself to part with £30 on a make up brush.

I used a shampoo that we don't really use to wash them, I put a blob in my hand and swirl them around, then rinse them under the tap until no more product is left in them. My brushes usually get washed every 2-3 weeks and sooner with my foundation brushes as they get clogged quickly, which I know isn't regular enough so I think I will do this washing session every Wednesday.

As a heads up, I really like the ELF powder brush, which is so good for foundation it really has lived up to it's expectations so far. I also love the stipple brush, which I have been using with the ELF HD powder, I love it and will review on YT probably at the weekend or whenever I get time in between uni work.


  1. I love the ELF powder brush as well! I agree it's great for foundations and setting powders.

  2. I love the ELF powder brush so much, infact i love all their brushes xx

  3. I have done a similar post, maybe you would like to check it out?

    Really like ur blog x