Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sleek- 'avoir la peche' collection

I was wandering round Superdrug today and found that Sleek had a new collection called 'avoir la peche', I'm not usually a fan of Sleek's collections but I thought this one was right up my street, and fitted right into my 'costa chic' peachy mood.

I got the new palette which is in Paragua 602 which is filled with light pinks, nudes and peach colours and the blush in 'Life's a peach.'

I really like the packaging on this collection, peach flowers. 

I think the first few softer colours are my favourites. 

Swatches of the colours. Love the two shimmery ones.

Life's a peach blush.

I really like this collection, they also had a lip polish which was the same sort of peach colour. 


  1. Oooo i love the blush!! xx

  2. I think i may have to go and buy this...the colours look lovely x

  3. In my local Superdrug the blush had a different name, do you think it's just Life's a Peach repackaged as I already have that one? x

  4. the packaging is so pretty xxx

  5. That blush looks gorgeous!! x

  6. Love the blush! Great swatches, thanks x

  7. @JadeyLou You're right! I;ve just found out that the blush I got isn't the one that goes with the collection but in my Superdrug they had put it on the stand to make it look like it was. The blush that goes with the collection is called 'Pan Tao' and is a much brighter orange.