Wednesday, 16 March 2011

M.A.C Goodies

Ok, ok, I hold my hands up to being a complete liar! I know I said I wouldn't buy anything from M.A.C for a while but I think we all know how it is ladies, you feel a bit down in the dumps and you automatically think "I'm going to go shopping, spend loads of money and I'm going to feel great" and you get home feeling just as miserable as before you went and your purse is feeling a lot lighter.

I went into town today to get a dress for a friend's birthday and took a de-tour to M.A.C, after the lady told me three times that I can put eyeshadows in a palette, which I kind of already know... I chose 'Shroom' eyeshadow. I chose this one because apparently it's a dupe for 'Virgin' in the Naked Palette and my 'Virgin' has run out and I don't want to re buy the palette for one eyeshadow *hint to Urban Decay, just sell Virgin individually.*

I'm not sure about it- mainly because I bought the new Sleek palette today and it has a really similar shade so I'm not sure whether or not I should take it back, what does everyone think of this eyeshadow?

Next I wanted a nude lipstick, again.. me being a hypocrite since last post. But when I got there I just wasn't interested in the nudes and my eyes just drew towards 'Costa Chic' and I love it, so I got that one instead. Its a bold fluroescent peach and looks great with a tan and would look even more amazing in the summer.

This photo makes it look red but it really is more of a peach colour, maybe Google it instead as my pictures aren't show up true to it's real colour.

The swatch on the left had side is Cost Chic, this swatch is pretty true to what it look's like. 

I rushed putting it on so sorry it's not in the lines hehe. 

So there we go, I think I have an addiction to bright lipsticks now and particularly bright peach!


  1. Costa Chic looks SO pretty on you, you have a really good sense of choosing lipsticks :)! I can't seem to pull of bright oranges, I tried Vegas Volt on the other day and looked naff!

  2. That lipstick looks so nice on you. x

  3. That is a beautiful shade of peach!


  4. Its a gorgeous Lipstick
    Id keep Shroom, you cant never have enough highlight colours :) x