Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tuesday: Beauty buys

I can't even help myself, every time I go near a shop theres something inside me that says "buy something Jess, you have to." So when I went into uni today, on the way back, I couldn't stop myself going into Bodycare- which is a discount drug store.

It started with me looking for Oilatum in Boots for my elbows and ankles- but they didn't have any so I went into Bodycare and picked up some E45 instead.

Then I picked up the Loreal foaming creamwash (the one with the scrublet) as it was only £2.49, I can't count how many times I have picked this up in shops then changed my mind and put it back, but I decided to just get it today. The nice lady at the counter told me how much she loves this *hi Bodycare lady* and she said she has really sensitive skin but she is fine to use this.

Then I topped myself up with a new bottle of St Moriz, though this time I noticed they had a new version out in 'dark' so I went for that one because the regular one is literally lasting about a day on me at the moment and then I'm back to pale again. Although my Dad always says "You look better without it," I always feel so much better with a tan.

Lastly I got some cotton pads, but these ones are bigger which I fugured would be better for taking make up off.

I will keep you updated on the Loreal  foaming cream wash if you like, let you know what I think.

Oh and not forgetting...Happy Pancake Day! woohoo, I love pancakes so I'm looking forward to tonight I might post some pics lol!


  1. I have the L'oreal Perfect Clean one for dry skin too. I find it can be a tad bit dying sometimes. But I love the wee scrublet!

    I really want to try the St Moriz dark but I've got 2 bottles of the ordinary kind to use up first!


  2. OOo i never go in bodycare, might have to pop in and see what i can find =] could you let us know how the St Moriz goes please =] xx

  3. I've heard a lot about the E45 cream but I'm not sure I get what's its purpose?

    I also purchase this L'Oréal cleanser but only for the Scrublet, it's great!

  4. please let me know about st moriz in the dark!! i am a fake tan addict at times, and my father also says the same!


  5. let us know about the l'oreal scrub for sure! i've been dying to try it!

    love your blog! following you on your blog and youtube now :)