Tuesday, 22 March 2011

No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser and Eye Make-up Remover

Those little £5 No7 vouchers that you get every so often at Boots can either be annoying or fabulous, depending on whether you like No7 products. For me, I have had a bad experience with both their primer and tinted moisturiser so when I had two vouchers lying about I decided to get some items from their skin care range. I had a box of mini skin care products from No7 last Christmas and I really, really liked them.

No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser & Cleanse and Care Eye Make-up Remover

First of all, I have really wanted to try a hot cloth cleanser for a while, this one was around £9 so I got it for around £4 with my voucher, you get a whopping 200ml which is massive. I think the Liz Earle version only has around 100ml to a bottle and is about £11, so the No7 version provides you with a lot more value for your money. You get a muslin cloth with it too. I really love this cleanser, takes all your make up off before bed and most of your eye make-up off. I have currently fell out with my Loreal cleanser with the scrublet- the formula is very soapy and I prefer my cleansers to be creamy or milky like this No7 one. The Loreal one also got in my eye and it was worse than any shampoo-in-the-eye incident I've ever had, so I am happier with this No7 one.

Ginormous bottle!

Next I got the Cleanse and Care Eye Makeup Remover, I have a mini bottle of this with not much left, so I will use the mini bottle for when I go on holiday. This remover gets every scrap of eye makeup off- even waterproof mascara and I really really like it, it's gentle and doesn't sting around the eye. I have quite sensitive eyes so this remover works really well for me. It also has a pump action so that you don't over pour or spill it- something I always do with my nail polish remover! It was around £7 so I got it for around £2 with my voucher.

Mommy and baby bottles


  1. i really like the no 7 skincare range, amazing products with a good price tag :) x

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