Monday, 28 February 2011

Bun time Saturday

The other night I went for a meal out with my hair tied up. I quite liked it so took a photo. I backcombed all of my hair then put it up with just my hands, not using a brush, then just put it in a bobble on my head. As I've got short hair now it just sort of forms into a bun by itself. I wore some gold dangly earrings and a smokey eye and an off the shoulder white t shirt which I love.

I'm really really missing my long hair lately, I've been looking at hair extensions online which I always said I'd never buy. I think I need to experiment with more hair styles for short hair as I always get moody and shove it up. If I find any I like I will post some pics up :)


  1. awww I felt the same when I had my long locks chopped off a few years ago :'( your hair looks lovely! :)

  2. I know it's hard when you feel so attached ;'(

  3. The high bun looks lovely, I always wear it when my hair doesn't like co-operating!
    You should definitely look into getting extensions! I was reserved myself, but bought some from and am in LOVE. They give lovely volume and length and look very natural, I highly recommend! Have a look at my blog, a couple of posts down :) x