Saturday, 12 February 2011

beautyuk PRIZES!

I was very excited when a huge box arrived for me this morning, I let my Dad open it because he was getting a tad excited too, I don't think he cared that what was inside the box would have no interest to him what so ever, he just wanted to open the big box!

Inside were my prizes from beautyuk and also a big beautyuk bag to put them all in.

This post is quite picture heavy as I think the pictures say it all. I was very pleased because I got everything I would have picked myself, there was absolutely nothing that wasn't to my taste so thank you beautyuk!

They have these competitions every week on Twitter so you all should definitely enter, as you have just as good a chance as I did.

So here's what I got...

Looks like a real eyeshadow palette!

Blushes and bronzers

 Everything :)

 Lip lusts

 Nail polishes x5

 Gold glitter liner, eye pencil and mascara

 Eyeshadow palettes

Excuse my no make-up! 

I also got 3 metallic sparks eye pencils in the shades I was after so that was great, I forgot to take an individual photograph of those. 

Watch out for a full review on my YouTube channel with close ups and swatches, I found the macro button on my camera this morning (after having it for a year... no stars for my technology skills) so I am going to be uploading full 1080p HD videos with lots of close ups!

If you would like to see a review on any specific item or want shade names for any products, leave a comment bellow. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be alerted when I upload a video, and follow my blog, I follow back I promise :P


  1. Oh woww!!! You lucky thing!! I LOVE the nail polishes and really wan to get those pallets! Can't believe they're only like £4! Looking forward to your video! xxx

  2. Omg amaaaazing! :) Hahaha have fun with them!

  3. how did you win this? How can you enter? Happy for you :) You won soo much. Must have been suuuper excited ^^
    Love Lois xx