Monday, 28 February 2011

Which colour Monday- Barry M nail paints

I was looking through my nail varnish draw deciding which one to use and I came to the conclusion that Barry M nail paints seem to last that extra bit longer compared to other brands of nail varnish.

Admittedly, you can see that the light purple one is looking a bit on the crusty side, but I get easily attached to the Barry M ones.

These are all the Barry M nail paints that I own, I do have their crackle effect one but I really hate it, I think it makes my nails look a bit of a mess. Mainly because I'm rubbish at doing my nails, I used to be so good at it and did my own white tips every week, but now somehow I've lost the talent and they always look a mess, I get so frustrated!

I really want their ice cream colour ones, but for today, I'm going to go with the dark blue one.


  1. Barry M Nail paints are gorgeous! I love how many choices of colours there are in their collection.

  2. I love Barry m nail paints! I went with Raspberry today :-) xxx

  3. I like Barry M for colour range
    BUT I prefer 17 for consistency and application :) x