Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Lazy Girls Guide: Removing make-up before bed

I know some nights all you want to do is flop in to bed and go to sleep, but I've begun to learn the importance of removing make-up properly before bed.

Not only does it keep your skin clear and healthy, it keeps spots away and makes your skin feel like it can breathe, and personally I think it reduces the oil on your face.

I feel like my face is dirty if I don't remove my make-up before bed now and this is since I followed a simple routine to taking it off that only involves three products... four if you are visited by mother nature and her 'spot week'!

These can be any brands of the products I mention, doesn't have to be the ones I use at all.

Firstly, make up wipes, I have tried those cheap ones from the chemists and they are like wiping sand paper across your face, not one drip of moisture in them.

Whilst the M.A.C make-up wipes are extremely moist, I find that those are a treat only reserved for wiping lipstick swatches off my hand when I'm in the M.A.C shop where you can take one for free (Lol!)

I've found that Asda's own make-up wipes (the ones in pink and white packaging) are great and they are £1 a pack. I also love Boot's essentials in the blue pack (they are usually 3 for £3) are just as good, those are the one's I'm using at the moment.


I start with taking my make-up off with a wipe, you can skip this and go straight to cleanser.


I'm using the Clarins cleansing milk at the moment. Any cleanser will do the same job, getting off the make-up that the make-up wipe didn't. You will be surprised how much make-up is still on your face after you have used a make-up wipe. You can use the cleanser with a cotton wool pad.


I either spray this directly on my face (eyes shut of course) or apply it with a cotton wool pad. Leaves your face fresh and tea tree oil is good for fighting spots.


If you're eye make-up is stubborn, use an eye makeup remover. I'm using No.7 at the moment. I get it off with a cotton wool pad. This one is oily (like most eye make-up removers) but does the job well. 

If I have any blemishes, I like to use this spot wand from boots which has tea tree and witch hazel in it. It has separate day and night ends and looks like a lipgloss. It doesn't really matter which end you use though, it dries the spot up over night and I really recommend it. 



  1. I used to be soooo bad for not removing my make up, but I totally agree, I just feel dirty now if I dont do it, like my face isnt clean! xx

  2. p.s You tweeted asking for beauty blogs, I just started one :) xxx

  3. Loved this post! I used to just use a baby wipe to remove my make up then go to bed... I then found out that even though wipes do remove the make up they actually push bacteria into your pores! So I use Liz Earle Hot Polish Cleanser which is AMAZING! I use that every other night, and then use a toner after wards! x

  4. The best wipes I have ever found (and I've tried loads at varying prices) are from a shop called Bodycare and they are by a brand called Cherish and they're only about 89p. They are so moist and have vitamin E in them and I just find they take off make-up really easily and are moisturising too.