Saturday, 14 May 2011

DIY Greige nails.

I made my own nude grey/brown polish yesterday as I don't already own one. I mixed a basic white polish from Sally Hansen with Barry M's 'mushroom.' I will definitely mix my own colours again as it was really easy and looks very similar to colours I've seen by Essie, O.P.I and Elf.

So far, no chipping what so ever. I really like the colour.

On another note, I am really glad Blogger is back up. I know a lot of us were stressing on Twitter when it went down!

Hope you're all well, see you in my next post <3


  1. Gorgeous colour, well done you :-) x

  2. genius idea! you should do a yt video on it xx

  3. Love it :D very Nails Inc-esque xx

  4. how do you mean 'mix'? could you write a post about it? did you layer mushroom over white or did you mix the actual colours in a bowl?
    please make a post about this xx
    @tsunimee on twitter xx