Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Look inspired: Molly- The Saturdays- 'NOTORIOUS' video

From the first time I saw this video I actually fell in love with Mollie's look. She is stunning anyway but the short hair really suits her and I love the 'secretary' look. I feel a bit loser-ish doing one of these celebrity inspired looks but I will take the risk of looking like a complete idiot..

I went overboard on the contouring as Mollie has really defined cheek bones.. or a very good make-up artist..

Products used:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW20
MAC MSF Natural Medium Plus
MUA baby pink blush
Collection 2000 Bronzing powder
H&M Lipgloss
MAC Paint Pot Painterly
Naked Palette- Sin & Half Baked
24/7 Liner Zero
False Eyelashes

*I don't claim to look like her (I wish), it's just a look inspired by her..


  1. You look gorgeous! You can totally pull this off. I love Mollie King! X

  2. So stunning! The glasses suit you! x

  3. This is a lovely look, you look gorgeous :) x

  4. yay for glasses ;) you look stunning.
    and thanks for introducing me to this song, actually addicted to it now haha xx

  5. you do look a bit like her :) x

  6. @Hayley- thank you lovely! ^-^
    @Grace I love her too! Thanks hun!
    @Zoe- Thank you lovely :)
    @Lottie- Thank you!!
    @LauraElizabeth- Yay for glasses too! So am I think I've broke the repeat button!
    @Jlalamb- Thank you!!
    Kia- I wish she's so pretty!