Friday, 29 April 2011

Primark Haul

Hope everyone enjoyed the wedding this morning if you watched it! I thought Kate looked so beautiful it was perfect, it was like a fairytale. I'm very jealous hehe ^-^

Sorry to bore you again but I popped into town again the other day, took mom to get some bits and bobs and she bought me a couple of things in Primark to cheer me up so here we go.

Tan, pink & orange faux leather & snakeskin clutch- £6

I love this bag, I suppose it's a love it or hate it bag. I wanted a bright clutch for when I go out as I have used the same black clutch for a couple of years... no lie! I even did my nails to match the bag :)

Hawaiian flip flops with pink flower- £2.50

Shell coloured sandals- £2.50 (Bargain!!!)

So that's it for my Primark haul, I wore the shell coloured sandals today and they are very comfortable. Happy 21st Birthday to my friend Clare also! I bought a couple of things in Boots which I will also be showing you over the next couple of days!