Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Haul: Primark/Forever 21/H&M

I spent Easter Monday shopping in my home town of Birmingham. I was in a mood where I could tolerate Primark being busy. I also had a look around Forever 21 and found some lovely jewellery. Unfortunately I didn't buy anything from my spring wish list..yet!
As for me, I think the nice weather has gone a long way to improve my mood. I have been catching up with friends, eating easter eggs, watching TOWIE and my favourite people on YouTube. I spend most days lounging around in my pyjamas at the moment.. student life... but I hope to do some outfit of the days very soon!

Anyway, this post is particularly picture heavy!

Sheer natural coloured linen shirt £8- Primark
Tusk necklace £2.80- Forever 21

Leaf necklace £5.85- Forever 21

Black leggings £3- Primark

Yellow floral playsuit £5- Primark

Crotchet style waistcoat £9.99- TK Maxx 

Fabric covered bead necklace £2- Primark

Coral faux leather belt £1- Primark

Mustard button skirt £12- Forever 21 (sorry for creases!)

Cream lace top £12.99- H&M

I think my favourite item is the leaf necklace as I haven't seen anything like it any where else. I am currently debating whether to buy a pair of TOMS or not, what do you think?

Primark have also upped their game on their black leggings. They are now made of a thicker material and aren't sheer like they have been in the past. At £3 they are great quality, I got a couple of pairs. They are very easy to replace as they are so inexpensive.

I am definitely getting a serious itch to get back on to YouTube, I have so many ideas so I'm very excited to return!

Topshop shoe update: I decided to take the shoes back and get a refund, I wasn't happy with them literally falling apart so quickly. Needless to say I didn't get an apology and the sales assistant even went off to 'check' it was ok for me to return them which I found a bit rude as it's my right to a refund if they have fallen apart!


  1. Great haul love the coral belt :-)

  2. I love the belt - wish I'd picked that up when I was in Primark yesterday.
    Grear haul x

  3. I love the primark playsuit, fingers crossed they have it in mine when I go Saturday! Great haul x

  4. Fab haul hun! I got some toms the other day, super comfy even if they're not the most attractive shoes ever lol xxx