Sunday, 3 April 2011

Turquoise & red ring


Sorry for my lack of posts I have been trying to focus on my other work and I also got a bit angry with YouTube and I suppose I was trying to have a break from everything! I have decided to stop making YT videos until I have finished university and it's still questionable at the moment as to whether I will go back. This is for the same reasons that most people leave, the good old 'hate' comments. As much as people say 'ignore it' I seem to be getting hate comments on the same 3 or 4 videos and these occur on my videos with the most views on, so naturally the more people that watch the more likely you are to uncover a troll. Of course there are a lot of lovely people on YT and I will continue to watch every one else, but at this stressful time of my life I don't really need the hassle of people telling me I put too much make-up on, my voice is annoying, my skirt is too short or that I am just all round annoying!

Since stopping my videos I have gone back to my 'smaller' makeup bag, gone back to using just the makeup I like and seem to have ignored the drawers of make-up in my room. Funny how things snap back so quick!

So anyway, back to the reason I made this post...

The 'shopping centre' (if you can call it that) next to my uni isn't exactly Westfield. There's a severe lack of any good shops and has tacky market stalls dotted around the inside. But last week I was walking through when I spotted a stall with lots of rings on that caught my attention. After trying on nearly all of them I settled on this turquoise and red one. There were no other ones like this one on the stand and I really like the red. was only £2 and hasn't turned my finger green just yet!


  1. That is a GORG and unique ring!!!
    I will really miss your videos, you are my fave YouTuber! Come back as quick as you can.

  2. I am going to steal this ring right off your finger Missus! xx

  3. It's a shame you don't feel like doing Youtube videos again. I totally understand you're reasoning and your Uni work is the main thing but take no notice of horrible comments. They're not worth listening to if all they can say is negative remarks. At the end of the day if they find you that annoying, surely they wouldn't keep watching your videos. Jealousy comes across in very different ways and that's obviously their way. They try to make you feel bad because they don't feel good. You seem like a lovely person and I really enjoyed your videos but the main thing is, you do what you enjoy and if you enjoy making videos, make them regardless, if you feel it is more of a chore to do them, have a break. You come first and at the end of the day you were just trying to share your beauty and fashion interests with others but if they don't want to hear it, there are plenty of other things for them to fill their rubbish lives with. Take care x x

  4. @Julia Thank you for being so kind :) I will pluck up the courage to start making them again at the end of May :) xxx

    @Louise Noooo! Lol xxx

    @Rebecca Thank you for taking the time to say all that, I know there are a lot worse things in life than a few girls being spiteful and you're right. I do really enjoy my videos so I haven't stopped because I don't like doing them. I hope to start again at the end of May, I think the break has done me good anyway as I sort of lost track of where I was going with it all and struggled with inspiration but I think I will (hopefully) have fresh ideas when I come back! xxx