Tuesday, 5 April 2011

St Moriz: Original VS Dark... what's the difference?

I am an avid St Moriz fan. After using Fake Bake for about 2 years (and draining my bank balance) I went on the hunt for a cheap alternative and found St Moriz last year. While Fake Bake is a thick cream formula which smells awful, St Moriz is a quick drying lighter solution with a far less offensive smell.

At around £3-£4 it's worth trying. The only downside is it can be quite drying on the skin so layer on the moisturiser first. Pay lots of attention around the elbows, knees and ankles as these are my most dry areas of skin. Surprisingly my underarms also have dry skin, so I layer on the moisturiser under my arms... it sounds weird but it also stops the fake tan settling in your arm pits which is a no-go for me. Putting fake tan on your arm pits makes you sweat excessively as your blocking the pores.

I have always used the original formula which isn't too dark and you can put extra layers on the next day if you don't feel dark enough. So when I saw they had come up with a 'Dark' option I gave it a go.

I was surprised to find absolutely no difference at all. If anyone feels differently please say because I am struggling to see a difference between the two at all.

Left: Dark    Right:Original

Surprisingly the right hand side, which I think is the darker foam, is the original formula. I would say that either formula is going to give you pretty much the same result.


  1. I bought the original at the weekend, I haven't used it yet, but was wondering which one to get I am fair so decided the dark one may be too dark. Looking forward to trying it out.



  2. Haha that's so weird! I use 2 layers of the original so I was thinking of using the Dark but.. I guess not! :P

  3. @Catherine I would say I am naturally about as pale as they come and I use the dark one but if you're a bit worried just do one layer of original, you will love it!

    @Yu I know maybe it's the same formula and they are selling it off as a different shade.