Thursday, 7 January 2010

The thrill of a bargain

I have made three purchases from the sales so far, and these were on Boxing day. Yes, I braved the Boxing day sales, some may call it mad, I like to think more 'dedicated shopper' myself.

My purchases included a burgundy long cardigan from Topshop for £15, an eagle v- neck t- shirt from Urban Outfitters for £12.99, and various jewellery pieces from Topshop, including hair bows, a detailed necklace and some fox earrings. No, I did not need these items, but there's always a compelling obligation to buy something from the sales.

So there, I thought I was done with the sales for this year, all that pushing and queuing to look at last season, and in some cases (stores will not be named), several previous seasons stock. I'm just not really a sale type of person.

However, yesterday I did brave the arctic conditions to take a visit to Birmingham City center. The Bullring was like a ghost town, ahh bliss!

I had time to browse the sales and I did take my bargain hunting friend, and in result I did find the bargain of the century! Some tailored harem trousers from H&M for just £5! I also purchased a beautiful sleeved blouse, with lace detail (not in the sale) for £19.99, also from H&M. All in all, my outfit for my meal with the girls cost me just £24.99.

And the finished article...

I did get a "oh I love your blouse, is it vintage" from a nice drunk lady. Who continued to pester me for quite a while may I add.

Though I do love the detail in the blouse...

On another note, my friend bought me a 'snood' for Christmas, which I love! It shall come in very useful in the cold climate!


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  1. Gorgeous outfit, you've got yourself a bargain there!
    P.S. LOVING the snood!