Tuesday, 28 June 2011

You're hot then you're cold

Jumper: Primark
Denim shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Primark

I wish the weather would just stay hot. I got ready last night, put jeans on because it was raining and by the time I was ready it was scorching again so put a maxi dress on instead. 

So here's my answer... top half winter, bottom half summer! I do love my denim shorts!

I am so fed up right now, I know everyone hates the person who moans on Twitter but I do not like job hunting at all. I guess I expected to have a job straight away and the reality is it will probably take a while. I can't stand being stuck at home but it doesn't look like I have much choice at the moment!

I want to try and get to the River Island sale on Thursday but I know those girls will be vicious. I'm not one of those people who will shove people out the way in a sale. I'd rather just leave it. But the first 140 people in get another 50% off so it's a bit irresistible! All the info is here.

Hope everyone is well! <3


  1. Those shoes are gorgeous! That jumper is lovely on you :) I call them cricket jumpers haha been looking for a nice one for ages! xxx

  2. @Daisy, thank you! I was searching for one of these jumpers for months, they were all like £50 in topshop. I love it! xxx

  3. i feel your pain Jess, i am looking for work also, its a nightmare. I am doing some training to keep my mind occupied, did a spray tan course today was great.

  4. Job hunting is annoying, I expected to get one straight away, but I have yet to find one with enough hours :(

    You look fab, love the jumper & shorts combination


  5. @Katie It really is, so fustrating! Wow I'd love to do that, you can do mine then haha! xxx

    @Chatelle, thanks hun! I know, seems like everyone is in the same boat at the moment, I guess something will come along eventually! xxx

  6. Aww good luck with the job hunt, it is so hard and disheartening but one will come up!! xx

  7. I hate job hunting too :( x

  8. I love the jumper shorts combo, Iv started doing this because for some strange reason, I can take cold on my legs but not my top half :S haha xx