Sunday, 5 June 2011

Boots Beauty Haul

It always seems to happen, browsing in Boots and somehow come out having spent £40. This time was no exception. I had to buy make-up for my graduation ball which was last night. I will be doing a post on the make-up I wore for it soon. I wanted to get Revlon's Photo Ready foundation as obviously the night was going to involve a lot of photographs. So that was the start of this haul...

Revlon Photo ready
Collection 2000 Mosaic bronzer
Dream Matte Powder
Barry M Fuchsia
Barry M clear topcoat
Soap & Glory Flake Away
Palmer's Cocoa Butter
Blistex Medi-Plus

I found that the shades were really weird with this foundation. I wanted a colour that went with my tan because I spend probably 80% of my life wearing fake tan. However, the shades jumped from this colour which is 004 Nude, to a very, very dark shade which was 005. In fact, I found that the next shade up was going to be too dark even with a tan. So I went for the lighter colour as it can always be mixed with something else. I do feel that they need a shade in between 004 and 005. Full review of this foundation to come. 

Dream Matte Powder. I bought this after hearing great things from Ingrid, who is Miss Glamorazi on YT. As the ball was 7pm-2am I needed a powder that was going to keep shine away for the longest time possible. I will review this in another post but I really love it. I put it in my bag and powdered my face probably twice during the night. The ball was like a sauna and everyone was boiling hot so this really did save my face...aha.

I have loved Collection 2000 bronzers since I was about 18. I always used to buy this mosaic one, but lately I have been using the matte version. I decided to repurchase this one as it gives a really nice shimmer glow to the cheeks. I didn't end up using it for the ball though. I used the matte version instead.

I exfoliated using this which is Flake Away by Soap & Glory. I really like this as an exfoliator, does the job well and it's quite rough which I like with exfoliators. I then moisturised with Palmer's Cocoa Butter which I am really loving. It smells good enough to eat, I love things that smell like chocolate, honey or caramel, yum! I got the Blistex because it did have a 3 for 2 sign all over Boots, when I got home I noticed on my receipt that she didn't take the Blistex off so I didn't get the 3 for 2. I just couldn't be bothered to go all the way back though. 

I painted my nails with Barry M's Fuchsia which I loveeee. It's a really nice bold pink, I will take a photo and show you next time!

See you in my next post.



  1. Ooh great post :) I always do this too in Boots, I go in for one thing and end up with loads! I love the dream matte powder it's fab! Hope you had a lovely night last night :) x

  2. I love Flake Away. I'm currently half way through a big tub of it and I'll definitely be repurchasing x

  3. Love this haul, the same thing happens to me whenever I go to boots or superdrug ahah xx

  4. The flake away is really good, I had a massive pot in a set I got at christmas and have only just started using it. Have you tried the breakfast scrub?


  5. It must be a girl thing because I do this a lot too, I even end up buying stuff I don't really need just because! Looking forward to your review of the Photo ready foundation, I always look at it but haven't purchased it yet xx

  6. So excited to see your make-up, and totally agree with the Maybelline powder! :)

  7. Definitely! I do the same, I go in for one thing and end up with a whole bag full and it soon adds up doesn't it? Lol even if you do get loads of deals and things. I just try and think of the points and not feel so bad haha.
    Lovely post chick...Im a big fan of flake away as well :-) xxoo

  8. I love that Palmer's cocoa butter!!!

  9. I'm completely addicted to Palmers Cocoa Butter! It smells so amazing and I love that the scent lingers on my skin! It makes my skin so so soft too, I can't believe I waited so long to actually try it!

    Laura Elizabeth xo

  10. I love the Soap & Glory scrub it's amazing dunno what I'd do without it!!!