Wednesday, 29 June 2011

When I can't sleep: Book Review: The Gatecrasher by Madeleine Wickham

Ever since I've finished university I have found myself stopping up later and later each night. I go to bed at around 2:30am every day now unless I have to be up for something in the morning. 

I usually watch YouTube videos, read blogs or watch TV shows online, but lately I've found that reading is the most effective way to make me fall asleep. 

I have just finished reading 'The Gatecrasher' by Sophie Kinsella (writing as Madeleine Wickham). It wasn't the most exciting book I've ever read. But I would say it would be good if you don't want something very demanding and doesn't take very long to read. 

The blurb says:

"Fleur Daxeny is beautiful, unscrupulous, and has a large wardrobe of black designer suits. With the help of The Times announcements page she gatecrashes the funerals and memorial services of the wealthy, preying on the rich, vulnerable men. She charms her way into their lives and onto their platinum credit cards, takes what she can, and then moves swiftly on."

This is the first Sophie Kinsella book I have read, I know lots of women who love her books. These ones are written under Sophie Kinsella's real name which is Madeleine Wickham. These series of books are a little different to her others and most of them are written in the 90's. Most of them also seem to be about upper class women and their relationships with men and money. I would definitely try another one of her books because, as I say, they are easy to read and don't take up much time. 

This one, however, isn't a love story, so if you're looking for romance you aren't going to find it here. I actually bought this one on purpose as I was after a girly book that wasn't about romance.. (I wasn't feeling very romantic at the time!) However, it is brilliant at making you feel passionate about the characters and you constantly want the main character, Fleur, to change her ways and settle down. 

 For me this book had a disappointing ending, one of those that leaves you a bit confused and with little explanation, but I do think this was probably the most effective way for Wickham to end the book. 

This kind of book would be good to take on holiday as you could finish it in no time at all. 


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  1. I have been finding it so hard to sleep at the moment also and find myself watching Youtue videos and online programmes so I will give reading a go and see if it works! xx