Sunday, 2 September 2012

MUA Heaven and Earth palette

I finally bought the MUA Heaven and Earth palette after it not being in stock at my local Superdrug for ages! 

I'm glad MUA broadened it's range after it being such a small selection of products for quite a while. I am a big fan of their single eyeshadows that are only £1 each and they really are great eyeshadows.

I had high hopes for this palette as I had heard such good things about the pigmentation of these shadows, and for only £4 I didn't know whether it was too good to be true. 

First impressions for me are that it has exactly the same problems as the NAKED palette from Urban Decay- too much shimmer. In my perfect neutrals palette, there would be more matte shades than shimmer, as I prefer to wear matte's on a daily basis. 

When I first used these shadows it turned out I had shimmer on the lid, inner corner and crease- it all looked too much for me, so it isn't a palette I could get away with taking away on holiday with me or relying on it alone. 

The pigmentation in the lighter shades is good, but the darker shades have a better colour pay off. The bottom row of shades are definitely my favourite of the two.

This palette is definitely great but it isn't my favourite palette that I own. I think the Beauty UK palettes are also really fab. They have lots of matte shades as well as shimmer and are perfect handbag sized palettes. 

There are some brilliant quad palettes I have recently discovered which I look forward to showing you in my next post!

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