Monday, 20 August 2012

Products I'm loving right now!

What post do beauty bloggers love to talk about most?.. Favourites!

This month there are a handful of products I have been using on a daily to weekly basis. As I tend to stick to drug store products unless I am on the splurge, all of these products are available at Boots or in the supermarket (you will be pleased to hear!)

First up are two skincare products, the first being a cleanser from Eau Thermale Avene. It's such a gentle product and is advertised as being kind to very sensitive skin. I like products like this to remove my eye make-up, I can't stand perfumed products near my eyes as it makes them so sore. This has no fragrance and doesn't sting at all if I get any in my eye. If you do have particularly sensitive skin, I would recommend testing it first to check if it's suitable for your skin. It costs around £8, but Boots have offers on fairly regularly that include this brand. 

I've also really been enjoying Dove's Firming Nourishing Body Lotion, it has a lovely subtle scent which is very non-offensive. I am a big Soap & Glory fan, particularly of their body scrubs, but I find the smell of their body lotions can become over powering. So I decided to opt for a new lotion and really love this one. It only cost around £2-£3. 

Since I have been trying to budget my spending, I have cut out on purchasing my beloved Mac Studio Fix Fluid. I have been trying out more high street brand foundations and have been loving L'oreal's Lumi Magique foundation. I must admit, in the first week of having it I didn't like it as much. My skin was going through an oily stage and this highlighted the oil like you wouldn't believe. Now my skin is back to normal I have been loving this foundation. It's very dewy and illuminating as it says. I love the consistency and it goes on really well using a stippling style brush. As with any foundation, you need a good moisturiser or primer underneath. It costs around £10, they were recently on offer as two for £15 at Boots. 

I have also really been loving Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB cream. I hadn't used a BB before but really like this as it wasn't as I had presumed. It has great coverage and it's very build-able. I believe it is around £7 to buy. I have been mixing these two together to produce a more suitable shade and they seem to work well together!

A well known but well loved product. I love Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush. It smells lovely and freshens up your hair for those 'every other days' between washing your hair. It freshens up your hair and I find it also helps build volume slightly too!

My bargain favourite. I have been using these Tesco Everyday Value Facial Wipes for quite a while now and I love them! At 45p for a pack of 25 wipes, they are a bargain. They smell lovely, have plenty of moisture and are great for those lazy days when you want to just fall into bed and take your make-up off as fast as possible (naughty for your skin, but we all do it!) I must admit they aren't perfect for taking eye make-up off, but I never use wipes to fully remove my make-up, I always use a removing solution. 


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