Sunday, 8 June 2014

This week's most used products

I hope everyone has had a great weekend? I am sad it is coming to an end, but I am enjoying my writing my weekly sunday blog post tonight. This week I have been watching lots of YouTube videos in my spare time. I discovered Hannah Maggs this week and have been addicted to watching her videos, her family has a lot of personality, they are really fun to watch! I have also been purchasing some clothes ready for my new job, I am thinking of writing up a work wear post? I also ran the Race for Life this weekend, in the absolute pouring rain- you can see pictures on my Instagram account. I haven't done much today as I am aching so much!

There are four products I have been loving this week that have made a difference to my daily routine. I thought they were worth a particular mention as they have all been so fab!

Rimmel Salon Pro- Kate collection- 244 Goddess
I am in love with this nail polish, as well as being a great consistency- only two coats needed, the colour is really lovely. A nude peach that will go with any outfit and is really subtle, not one of those bright pastel peaches, this is much softer . It's one of those nail polishes that, at the end of the week, you take it off and apply it again. I have had this on for the week and will be reapplying tonight. There is also a soft pink colour in this collection that I may have to purchase next!

L'oreal Paris Nude Maqigue BB Powder
Recently my skin has become quite oily, my old powder wasn't really cutting it. So I decided to purchase this powder as it claimed to provide buildable coverage and provide a matte effect. It has really worked well for me, once my foundation has been applied, I lightly sweep this powder over the top and it completely mattifies the area and makes my skin look flawless.

Umberto Giannini Dazzling Shine Glossing Mist
I love Umberto Giannini, 1. for it's sleek packaging and 2. for it's beautiful smelling hair products. I use this spray at the end of blowdrying and styling, and I will be completely honest, I love this product mainly for it's amazing scent. It makes your hair super soft and smelling like you just stepped out of the salon. I love it as it doesn't provide any sort of stickiness to your hair, but just leaves a soft gloss to finish off your routine. I always worry about shine sprays that they will just make my hair look greasy, but this definitely wasn't the case. This is definitely worth a repurchase!

L'oreal Paris Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation
These beautiful foundation's are a third-time- repurchase for me. The formula is amazing, it feels really light to apply but provides amazing coverage. I purchased it in two shades as I can mix them together to get a perfect colour for my skin. I also wear fake tan a lot, so I can use the darker one alone on these days. It really is a glowing foundation. Recently I have been trying other foundation's but I found myself drifting back to Lumi Magique, as nothing else came close to them.

I will be back with a new post on Thursday, wishing everyone a happy week!

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