Friday, 13 June 2014

Handbag Cosmetic Essentials

As far as handbag cosmetics were concerned, I used to carry just a lipbalm, until I had one to many 'emergency' situations (tears, hayfever, colds etc) where I realised I needed to put something together to keep in my handbag. Today I thought I would give you a peak into my handbag makeup bag. This makeup permernanty stays in my handbag and is only used for touch ups and emergencies.

The makeup bag
The bag itself is the pefect compact size. It is a Ted Baker make-up bag, I have larger Ted Baker make-up bags that I use for travelling, they are always in such beautiful patterns. I usually purchase these in Boots. This one in particular was part of their Christmas collection. 

Ted Baker cosmetics
I have actually kept the original contents of the bag in there, as they are such great products. They are part of the Ted Baker Treasured Orchid Collection. The first being the Ted Baker Opulent Orchid Hand Cream. It smells so amazing I would definately purchase a full size version, it doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy or sticky either. The second product from this range is the body spray, again it smells absolutely amazing. It doesn't last all day like a perfume, but it's brilliant for a freshen up when your perfume may have faded. The final product that came with the bag itself is the lip balm, unfortunately it doesn't look like you can purchase this alone. However, it is another lovely product and hopefully the may introduce it into the permernant collection.

Swatching this it is quite thick bright coral colour, however on the lips it does become more subtle. I don't tend to put lipgloss on in the morning, I tend to stick to lipsticks. However, I do find it useful to carry a lipgloss in my handbag in case I went out after work or needed to freshen up my look. 

This is a great alternative if you love the Collection 2000 concealer. I picked this up one day in a makeup emergency so have kept it in my makeup bag ever since. It is a great concealer and super-afforable. It provides great coverage too. A concealer is an essential to carry with you.

I really like the brush on this mascara, it is really soft and full. It is unlike most of my other mascara's at home and I wouldn't usually purchase it myself. This mascara came as a free gift so I decided to use it as a spare in my handbag. I have used it to touch up and really like it. I carry this with me in case I want a more dramatic eye look.

This is one of my all time favourite gel eyeliners, it glides on and provides a really bold line. However, I have recently discovered the Rimmel Scandal Eyes eyeliner, which pretty much gives the same effect. I decided to keep the Super Shock in my makeup bag for applications later in the day.

It would be great to know what makeup products you keep in your handbag?

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