Sunday, 4 March 2012

OPI: Nicki Minaj mini collection

This is my first time trying out OPI nail polishes, although I do remember when my mom used to buy them in Superdrug for a pound, what happened to those days?

I found these on Asos, they were £12.95, which I thought was fairly reasonable to try these out. 

They took around 5 days to arrive as I chose the free delivery option. When I opened them I was quite surprised at how small they are. I knew they would be mini but they really are tiny. 

As for the colours,  I really like them. Especially 'Metallic 4 life' which is an unusual glitter with strands of blue glitter in. 

At the moment I have 'Pink Friday' on with 'Metallic 4 life' on top. The glitter has helped to cover up any imperfections in my nails as a result of taking my acrylic nails off. 

I have had the polish on for around 3-4 days and it has chipped a fair bit. I am going to try the other two colours next to see how they last. 

I really want to try the Muppets for OPI collection but don't seem to be able to find the mini's.



  1. These colours are so pretty! You've convinced me to order them! :) xxx

  2. Hi hun, just wanted to let you know that Metallic 4 life is actually the black polish in the collection, the one that is in your box is called Save Me. They must have mixed them up when they were getting packaged up. Save Me is definitely my favourite though! I have some swatches of the 2 of them on my blog


  3. @mybutterfly63 ooh thank you for letting me know, I would prefer this colour over a black polish anyway. I will take a look thank you! xx

  4. Lovely colours in this set, pink friday is so pretty :)

  5. I bought my friend the muppets one for her birthday, gorgeous colours! I got it when I worked at the airport, was only about £7! xxx