Saturday, 31 March 2012

Brush review: Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

Hi everyone!

I'm really excited as I have had my eyes on these brushes ever since Sam from Pixiwoo announced she had a range coming out. Pixiwoo are my favourite makeup artists on YouTube so trusted that the brushes would be good. 

I had been excited to see them in Boots ever since they arrived, but put off getting them every time or convinced myself I didn't need them. However, last week Boots had a 3 for 2 offer on many beauty products including these brushes. I also had a £5 off voucher so I got them for a lot less than they usually should be. 

I got the core collection, blush brush and powder brush. They came to £29 (should usually be around £44) so it's definitely worth taking advantage of Boots offers or your points on your card if you've saved them up.

Sorry one box is upside down! Left to right: Powder brush, core collection and blush brush.

I can safely say I have certainly not been disappointed with these brushes, they are what are expected from Sam and more! These brushes are incredibly soft and the powder and blush brush are so big- but perfect for powder products. 

The Core Collection comes in a case which you can also stand up on your makeup table. They also have 2 extra spaces so I can put my powder brush and blush brush in there too which is great. 

My favourites so far are the blush and powder brush, the contour brush and the buffing brush (both from core collection). The buffing brush is absolutely perfect for foundation. I use the small foundation brush for concealer as it is pointed so gets right underneath the eyes. 

I can't rave about these brushes enough. These are all you need to do your face makeup everyday. I am now considering purchasing the eye brush collection!

If you have any specific questions about these brushes just ask! Or even leave your thoughts on the brushes below if you already have them!

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Great review ! Gonna try to find them on my next trip to england ! xx

  2. I bought the stippling brush, thinking it would be great for foundation, but its not big enough! so I reverted back to the ELF powder brush, think im gonna attempt the buffing brush though :)

    J xx

  3. Thanks Clay, Jade- I love my elf powder brush but I really love the buffing brush for foundation- try that one! x