Monday, 20 February 2012

Acrylic nails

Hi girls, 

First of all, I'm very sorry it's been so long. I hope you will welcome me back to blogging. I have missed you all!....

I decided my first post back should be about  acrylic nails. 

I'll explain the process of acrylic nails first for anyone who hasn't had theirs done before.

I had my full set put on a week before Christmas. I had light pink tips. 

First set: pink tips

Second set: sprayed on white tips

Your own nails are filed down and a plastic tip is glued on. Then they are cut down to size and a layer of acrylic is pasted on top. They are filed and polished to get this finished result. 

My first set were around £20 and £18 to have them re done. 

I had around 4 sets before I decided to try and take them off before I went on holiday last week. I would usually wait around 3 weeks before I had them re done. 

While they look nice, I did miss painting my own nails and experimenting with colours. 

When I took them off I made the mistake of trying to soak them off myself in nail polish remover. I ended up filing them down and making a bit of a mess of them. They now look relatively normal with polish on top. But my right index fingernail is significantly weak as I filled it down too much.

It will be a while before they grow back to a healthy condition. 

If you bite your nails or they are in bad condition, acrylic nails will make your hands feel elegant. However if you do have a lovely set of healthy nails, I would not recommend dabbling with acrylic. If you do, have them taken off professionally!

See you in my next post!


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