Monday, 26 May 2014

Returning with a MAC bag in hand..

When I slowly packed up my blogging bag pack a while ago, I didn't think I would miss it so much, and over time realise what a huge part of my life blogging had become. People have asked why I don't vlog and blog any longer- at first I had excuses such as moving out of my parents home for the first time, finding my feet and making home purchases rather than makeup purchases. Now, quite a while later and life away from my parents home is the norm, I feel I have time again to blog and I can't make excuses any more. I am so excited to be sitting down in a comfy chair to write a post again. I have been contemplating this for a while and now it's actually happening! I hope to develop my blog by adding some health, fitness and life posts.

Now I know I have been gone for a while, but I have still been keeping a close eye on the blogging and YouTube world. I know we have moved on from the days when MAC was Holy Grail. However, why not come back with the good old stuff! I haven't bought anything in the MAC store for a very long time, but I start my new job very soon and I decided to use it as an opportunity to go for a classier, more stylish image that fits more with my age. I love fun and bright lipsticks, but decided I needed some more subtle nudes into my collection.

MAC Mineralize Blush- Gentle- £20
I am obsessed with blush at the moment, and after seeing the colour pay off from the Mineralize Blushes, I definitely wanted to take one home. I decided to pick up the shade 'Gentle,' it's a beautiful pink with a rose gold sheen to it. It is quite shimmery, so if you don't like shimmer, these blushes probably won't be for you. I love a shimmery cheek, so these blushes are perfect for me.

MAC Lipstick- Cosmo- £15
The first being 'Cosmo,' which is on the left, it's a Amplified Creme which is a finish I love because it's so creamy and bold. It's a deep red nude colour which really seems to enhance the natural lip colour. I would say it would be brighter the paler your skin. Today I have fake tan on so it is quite subtle but enhancing, I can imagine that if I applied it with my natural skin colour it would be much bolder.

MAC Lipstick- Hot Gossip- £15
I also picked up 'Hot Gossip' (below) which is much more of a pinky-coloured nude. It also has a slight shimmer to it which I really loved because it is every so subtle. It is a Cremesheen finish, which is another one of my favourite finishes. I can see me wearing it as my new everyday colour because it is such a lovely colour.

So that's all from me today, though I have lots of posts coming up so looking forward to next time!
If there is anything in particular you would like me to discuss or post about, please let me know in the comments below!

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