Monday, 7 May 2012

'Back 2 MAC' purchases

Left: Salute, right: Hue



Ahhh my first 'Back 2 MAC' how fun is it when you know you're getting something for free?

For anyone who is unaware about the 'Back 2 MAC' scheme, you take in 6 used up MAC containers (anything with Back 2 MAC written on the box when you buy it is acceptable to return in the scheme) and in return you get a free lipstick from the classic packaging. I was told while I was in store that Viva Glam's were not in the scheme.

I took in 3 Studio Fix Fluids, 1 Face and Body and 2 Mineralise Skin Finishes. 

While choosing my free lipstick, I decided to go with a colour I could wear everyday. Yes, it may be popular and you've probably all seen it before but I really wanted to try Hue. It's a great nude pink colour that I can wear to work everyday. I wear a lot of Creme Cup so this is a great alternative for me. I think light nude pinks work well with my skin tone, especially when I have no tan on and I am a lot lighter, they still work great. 

I thought that was it with my purchases, just getting my free lipstick and going, but then my eyes wandered over to the new 'Hey, Sailor!' collection- which I love.

 A lot of MAC collections seem great, and the art work and promo materials look amazing, but when I get to the shop there's just nothing really catching my eye. This collection, however, is fab. I love the blush and highlight colours and the lipsticks in this collection are my favourite. This very orange toned nude 'Salute' caught my eye. It's a bright orange nude, which I have worn out and looks great with a tan. You can be very subtle with it, or you can apply it on thicker for a more dramatic look, which is what I love about amplified MAC lipsticks. I'm definitely glad I bought it. I think the packaging is spot on, it's glossy, it doesn't feel cheap and it looks classy. These lipsticks are slightly more expensive at £14. 

I think I will do a MAC lipsticks collection post soon as it is growing very slowly!

See you in my next post 


  1. Hue is a gorgeous color! Perfect for Spring and Summer.

    I love your blog! I would love it if you could check out mine and follow if you would like :) xoxo

  2. Hy sweetie! lovely post, maybe we can follow each other? Kisses